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Welcome to the site of MTB-school.com for bikers by bikers

We give 3 courses for every level and type of rider.

Basic, Expert and Master.

1. The Basic Training:
Suitable for any biker who wants to improve his driving technique and posture.
This Basic Training makes you aware why the bike chooses the opposite direction that you just don't want to go.
The instructors let you feel what attitude, suspension, tires and brakes do with your bike.
The Basic Training changes your ridingstyle, you will ride faster and safer, with more efficiency and fun.
A training for each biker and easily driven, perfect for bikers who panic on obstacles.

2. The Expert Training:
Good for any mountainbiker who knows his or her driving techniques can be further refined. A day with experiences to remember and maintain.
The Expert training is for advanced riders, in this training you get clear whether you can perform under stress, the terrain is difficult with large altitude differences.
Before starting a training the instructors screening each participant knowledge and skills also the basic skills getting tested.
You will be alerted of your weaknesses, or when they arise during the training.
The track is technically difficult and requires great concentration, special for bikers who want to push their limits.

3. Master Training:
There are mountainbikes that are all-around, which can do everything like climbing, descending, hairpins, single tracks, jumps, difficult technical passages, etc.
These mountainbikes have everything you are looking for versatile, low weight, good steering and good suspension.
But are you also versatile enough to handle everything from your bike?
During the Master training you get the knowledge for a more complete driving techniques.
For this training you need to have completed the Expert Training to accomplish this safely, or proven your driving skills.

For more information or questions send us an email: info@mtb-school.com

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